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We get many questions throughout the year, questions such as: So just what is Sponge Candy anyway? And where did it originate?

Well, we don’t really know ‘what’ it is but we certainly know how to make it. It’s a candy that really isn’t very similar to anything else, especially when coated with Chocolate. It truly is a ‘Buffalo’ thing and folks here revere it just like the chicken wing. It’s best made in a cool to cold non-humid environment and Buffalo has the perfect weather for it! Typically made from late September to April/May (depending on the weather), there are many companies in our area that make Sponge Candy compared to other parts of the Country, that’s why Buffalo NY is the Sponge Candy capital of the World!

Where did Sponge Candy originate? We really don’t know that either but we certainly know where to find it. Some candy shops here in Buffalo take credit for it but they really can’t prove it. Some say it originated in Germany or England. If so, why aren’t they making it now? Some believe when the recipe was brought to the United States, Buffalo was the first to dip it in Chocolate. Once again, no proof.

Here’s what we do know. If you want the very best Sponge Candy Buffalo has to offer, you’ll find it here at spongecandy.com. Owned by Platter’s Chocolates and voted to represent all of New York State in Food Network’s 2014 Holiday Edition article titled “50 Sweets from 50 States”, you will find our Sponge Candy covered in Milk, Dark, and Orange Chocolate. 3 years ago we introduced our unbelievable Peanut Butter Sponge Candy. We dip our Sponge Candy in REAL peanut butter, cool it, and then cover it in Milk or Dark Chocolate. It’s quickly become a customer favorite.

We guarantee you will LOVE our Sponge Candy and with all of our Sponge Candy varieties and signature products, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. When thinking of that certain someone, or when thinking YOU deserve a treat, think SpongeCandy.com – shipped directly from the Sponge Candy Capital of the World,